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There's no flow or common trait here.
This is simply my place to share who I am for no one other then myself.
If you like this stuff, that's great! if not... we can still be friends I'm sure lol



Check out these wonderful custom cross stitch Princesses of Heart art by The Stitching Girl HERE

i am in love with these

Anonymous said: What's your opinion on serial killers?



They are the few people that have truly tasted freedom and humanity in their fullest.





Now that’s what I call justice 

These sum up the only reason I would ever leave tumblr

Passion gives Scorpio the feeling of wholeness, and they live absolutely for the ecstasy of feeling they could explode in every direction. It takes many years for a Scorpio to learn mediation with their emotional depths. Those who manage to unlock the Pandora’s Box on a Scorpio’s heart must prepare themselves for volatility, tremendous divine insight and soul saturating love.